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DK Singh is an educator and author of several textbooks. He is in the teaching profession since 2001 years and helped over twenty thousand students to achieve their goals. This made him understand the problems faced by students from every intelligence level and inspired him to pen down books that could be encouraging and beneficial to backbenchers to scholars.
DK Singh has invested years in research and added his vast teaching experience in his book DEEP MATHEMATICS and DEEP SCIENCE. These books contain well-researched high-quality academic material, which is helpful for regular studies, problem practices, exam preparation, and eventually score well. DK Singh has cracked all the daunting challenges in his books and explained every topic effectively to meet the needs of students.


From Author’s pen

I feel proud to present the well acclaimed book ‘DEEP MATHEMATICS’ and 'DEEP SCIENCE'. It is a revised book as per latest CBSE guidelines. It gives the most efficient way to the students and teachers. In spite of careful efforts some error might have done. I shall be thankful to the teachers and students if these mistakes are brought to my notice. Suggestions for better improvement will be gratefully received and dully acknowledged.

Deepak Singh